General Tips on how to save electricity:
Switch to more energy-friendly appliances
In general these type of appliances are becoming increasingly more available, popular and less expensive. LED Lights and TV’s use almost between 5 and 20% less energy than old fashioned lights and tvs. Sometimes it might be an expensive investment, but in the long run it will save you a lot of money. Some LED Lights has a 3year warranty.
For example you can save almost R680 a year if you switch your 1995 fridge with the new A-Rated energy efficient fridges that is available at your local Game or Kloppers.
Switch off all unnecessary appliances
It scary how much energy certain appliances use even in standby mode, switch off all chargers, tv, dvd, computers, microwaves etc. This is also a great safety precaution as many homes has burned to the ground because of hairdryers which short circuited or was left on after an electrical failure. If you learn good habits today, you won’t have to sit with your hands in your head tomorrow. Switch off your geyser when you are going on a holiday even if its just for a long weekend.
Have a prepaid meter installed
The rating is slightly higher than normal electricity ratings, but this will help you to use your electricity more sparingly and you will see which appliances use more energy than the rest. This will also help with readings which is often read incorrectly by Centlec or Municipalities. We can help you with cables on the prepaid meter and we may also help you with installing a prepaid meters for granny flats or other second home.
Handy Tips on Reducing Energy around the House
In the Kitchen
• Use a kettle to boil water for cooking its faster and uses less energy than a stove.
• Use the microwave to cook food if possible
• Only fill the kettle with the precise amount of water you need.
• Cut food in smaller sections first before cooking – this will cooking process much faster
• Make your toast in a toaster
• Always put a full load of washing in the washing machine.
• If possible avoid the tumble dryer at all cost – this uses a huge load of electricity
• If the weather is to bad to place clothing outside, try to remove all excess water before placing it in the tumble
• Do not place hot food in the fridge
• Always wash a full load in the dishwasher
• Use energy saving lights like LED, CFLS (Compact-florescent lamps) and switch off all unuses lights. If you have dark spots in your home – install roof lights – this can give an amazing amount of light in a room.
In the TV Room
• If you want to buy a new tv consider LED as they use less energy than plasma’s, LCD.
In the Bathroom
• Rather shower before you bath, as it uses less water and therefore less electricity
• Fit low-flow shower heads, this will not only save water, but electricity too.
• Install a heat-pump this saves you almost 70% on your geyser’s use of electricity. Please call us for more information on heat-pumps – we can install this for you.
• Fix andy dripping taps, especially hot water taps. Let one of our electricians fit a timer on your geyser as you will save quite a lot of money in the long run as well. At least R40 per month
The Swimming Pool
• The swimming pool filter pump is one of the largest consumers of energy, so try to use this sparingly. You can also fit in a timer and during the winter use the pump less as algae growth is limited.
In general you can also switch to more environmental friendly energy generators like solar panels, geyser and various other products