The ligting of a room effect us more than we would necessarily like to declare and with today almost unlimited ranges of lighting available – it can easily become a little bit of a daunting task.
However, we can give you great and sound advice on choosing the best lighting for your home in Bloemfontein – all you need to do is choose the theme or ambience you would like to be portrayed in that specific room whether you would like something more romantic or modern.
A good plan to make your home seem more inviting is to combine three types of lighting for both style and funtion, see below:
Task Lighting
Think about what specific type of task is going to be done in that specific area for example if its a study, bedroom or playroom. If its an area where you want to read – it needs to have sufficient light otherwise you can damage your eyes, but in a dining room the light can be softer etc.
Ambient Lighting
This type of lighting provides overall illumination and comfortable level of brightness, and makes it easy to see and move around.
Accent Lighting
This creates mood and add interest to a room by add spot or light to painting, collectible and other interesting elements.
Decorative Lighting
Become element of the space themselves, such as chandeliers etc
Please see some of our suppliers websites for more information about the types of lights available: